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I'm currently traveling in Australia, New Zealand, and the southeast Asia region. Here are some places that I've been, with links to the routes I took:

Recent travels:
New Zealand (North Island and South Island) November, 2009
New Zealand (North Island and South Island) May - July 2011
Australia (Victoria and NSW) July - August 2011
Additional travels in 2011: Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia

Websites and software developmentHobby programming

During spare time, I have put together a few websites and apps to further develop my programming skills. Several of these side projects are profitable.

Mac applications: Announce, TravelGuide, BatteryExpert, UnitCalc, QuickTide, Latinizer

iPhone apps: TravelGuide Mobile

Websites: PlaneCrashMap.com, MineralResourceMap.com

Hiking, offroading, paragliding, travelOutdoors

While I used to a be a more serious hiker, I've found fewer and fewer weekends to devote to the mountains. I picked up paragliding earlier this year, and it has now become my activity of choice when the weather supports it.

Stats on peaks climbed
El Paso Paragliding - my instructor
Pictures from last year's trip to New Zealand

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